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October 11, 2005


Mary Schmidt

Excellent points as always, Holly. And, I'd submit that's it's more than just a "marketing to women" disconnect. Sony is doing the same ol' same ol' "tech speak." Its engineers and designers think everyone else (male and female) are as fascinated by it all as they are, (or are paid to pretend to be.)

And, just don't get me started on web sites or we'll be here for a week...


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Где и как это можно сделать, сколько будет стоить?

JD Reilly

There should be parity in internet marketing. I am happy to see this progressive movement and should allow opportunties to unfold for more women.


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Thanks for the info. Its good to see that sony have finaly realised that women do alot of purchasing and have designed a lcd for women. Im sure many more manufacturers will follow down this line. Just a quick question. Have sony actually designed a lcd targetting men?

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this should allow oppurtunites to unfold for women

pcfreeware blog

This is quite fantastic and it could be one of those ideas which really take off.

pc 2002 freeware

They should do this more often i'm sure women will adore this and become attracted to it


Nice article. Keep up the great work!


Где-то я уже что-то то же самое читал, причём практически один в один... :)


Women really hook themselves to gadgets. This one would really hit the budget mark.




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nice video but you know what i keep on thinking if the new psp is legthir and smaller in lenght were is the space for the thecnology i mean the old one are big and i don't know mabbe thiker that means there is space for stuff inside,think about it.


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