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August 15, 2005


Mary Schmidt

I give them points for trying to "reach" the so-called real women. But, there's a difference between showing it and saying it. (To a point y'all discussed in the IMs). The Nike message sounds angry and defensive - not encouraging or empathic. "Sure, I've GOT A BIG BUTT...you skinny broads want to make something of it? Uh?" "I'm WALKIN' HEAH!" I find this depressing and offensive as both a marketer and a woman (with a - ahem - rather large rear bumper). But (no pun intended), if we can thank J Lo for nothing else (and, nope, I can't come up anything else either), she's made it okay for us to have larger bottoms than tops! Just show 'em - don't bellow about 'em.

Yvonne DiVita

Every Tom, Dick and Harry...that's my favorite part. He said Dick!!!

This ad is stupid. Sorry Gloria... Nike is way off base. Attention getting? They don't need the attention. Puh-lease! That's like saying Tiger Woods need to get nude to get attention.

I'll repeat what I wrote in my blog post the other day: women want respect and honesty. This ad is not respectful -- accusing women of using their rear end to clear out the clearance aisle???? And it isn't honest -- those bodies are NOT relfective of the average woman. We have droopy butts (if we have butts), boobs that fight with gravity and lose, and and if we have thunder thighs...we sure don't advertise it!

Hello...world to Gloria and Nike: next time call Lip-sticking and we'll supply the real women -- no, really.

K. Barrett

Talk about sexist objectification. Way to go Nike. You've created a campaign that literally slices women up visually and defines them by their body parts instead of who they are. Is there also a hidden agenda in the way the photography, coloring, and text has been treated to target minorities? Women don't see themselves as body parts. We have men for that. Real women are whole. And they are more than the sum of their parts. That's a story worth telling.

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Gina...first of all THANK YOU for the award! Can I borrow your tiara for a day? Maybe it would dress up my usual sweat pants and tank top. :)Also...I leuahgd so hard when I was reading your comment about the air show (which is over now...PTL!) I am SO relieved to know that pilots do everything they can NOT to land on my head. I will incorporate that little tid bit into my coping skills arsenal :)Love your blog and thanks for the support!


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