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August 07, 2011



You captured the spirit of BlogHer for those of us who couldn't be there. Reading the tweets I started to think that perhaps it had turned into the ultimate swag fest. Thanks for finding the themes that are the keepers.

Adventurous Wench

Empowering to see this! And I love the quote from Bardwick. I was all smiles watching the video! More of this please!

Holly Buchanan

Robin - while ther swagfest aspect will always be a part of the conference, there is much deeper stuff happening.

On that subect - here's the transcript from Gwen Bell's Unplug session - http://www.blogher.com/liveblog-change-yourself-unplug-unfriend-unfollow-unwind-sacrilege?wrap=node/305898/virtual-conference/posts

Go read it. Seriously.

Adventurous Wench - don't you love that quote? It's from a book by Lorin Beller Blake - From Entrepreneur to Big Fish - 7 Prinicples to Wild Success.

Ashley Baxter

Great de-brief! Hate that I missed it, but glad there have been so many awesome writeups about it. Only wish I could have met Indra, she's so inspirational!

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I personally think that women have found their voice on the internet. Some of the top performing blog online are owned by women who are voicing there opinions on issues often neglected in the real world.


I was all smiles watching the video , Thank you


Wow! I wish I could join such prestigious event to hear the thoughts of thousands of Blogher to share knowledge with.

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