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July 01, 2011


Lindsay Bayuk

Hey Holly - This is a great example and I'm so glad you were able to connect with Todd. Thanks for sharing this with everyone!

Barbara Weaver Smith

Thanks for this post, Holly, and thanks to Todd for sharing his story. He has been a "whale hunter" for a year or more!

PixInk Design

This is a prime example of how businesses can create a sense of familiarity before asking for the sale. Businesses can ease prospects’ trepidations by allowing them to see what they will get once they become clients.


Once, the bids or proposals are acquired, then their evaluation takes place, along with a demo/ presentation & reference verification. In all these processes, file movement should be properly monitored in order to get the best results.


Well I think the secret in keniepg a client happy is really to develop a good relationship with them which makes them feel comfortable with you. My clients confide in me a lot. We get to also acknowledge all birthdays in the family- mum, dad etc and ensure a text or email is sent. I alsoOn the other hand, when a happy client fails to recommend me- it could just be the budget issue. I believe sometimes recommendations are based on our perception of what the other person can afford.I totally agree with you on the fun aspect. I try to chat with most of my brides on my BB and also get to talk about other stuff other than the wedding all the time. Thanks

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