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April 27, 2010


Chris Busch

"The answer - when the cash, checkbook or credit card is already pulled out."

This should be obvious, but it's surprising how often people in the non-profit world forget this great piece of advice.

I'm going to share your article with a number of our clients. Thanks.

Holly Buchanan

Thanks Chris. Yup, usually the best ideas are the most obvious.

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Yeh I used to work at an engineering firm where I was the only fealme. Thankfully most of the guys were great and we got on well but my boss, ew, disgusting fat pig of a man was the real old school' type bloke who would make inappropriate comments at times and was just generally gross. When we got internet in the office he used to spend his days at his desk looking at porn. How did we know this? It was in the early days of having the net and individual computers so we just used to go to the main network computer and open his cookies to see what smut he was looking at on that day. On the tug' was the code .as in is he on the tug again?' I don't think he was ever actually masturbating in the office but knowing he was looking at porn when you walked into his office and catching a flash of the screen as he quickly alt-tabbed away was rather disconcerting. So was his habit of undoing his pants at his desk (to relieve his fat gut) and coming out into the hall tucking himself back in.For some reason every weekend he'd smirk and ask me if I was heading off to Hellfire club that weekend even though I'd never even been there and certainly wouldn't have told him if I had! God knows what horrible fantasies he had in his mind.

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