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April 12, 2010


Kelly Watson

What a great idea! Thanks for pointing this one out. I can't believe I've never seen anyone else doing this, because it seems like such common sense.

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That's very intelligent on their part indeed!awesome idea.Anticipating your customer's needs and designing accordingly is what is very important while making a website.Looking forward to hearing from you soon again.


It is quiet natural that woman are very fast in anticipating a particular issue. They have keen observation power to go deep inside a matter and realize its importance. They apply all this technique at home and nicely handle the family.

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Thanks for the inspirational post! I’d like to add that pro bloggers are also very passionate about what they do. That’s what keeps them going when times get tough.

Dale at Diamond's Edge

Thank you so much for the post.
It's amazing how something that makes so much sense, slips through the cracks, and is so rarely done. Great Idea.

Good Job!

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