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March 25, 2010


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Hi!It was quite interesting to read this post.I completely agree with a lot of things that you have mentioned over here as i have faced it in my personal experience.You have stated some very interesting facts here worth taking note of.Look forward to more such posts from you.

dean graziosi

These are effective advantages which you have given.I like the way you have described all points and I do agree with this whole post.Your reasons are also appreciable.

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This is the reason why in B2B sales, they prefer to hire women..

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B2B is a modern method to reach potential customers and despite the technological advancements. I give higher priority to women, as they are the ones with better patience them men.

Dipl.Kfm. Udo Granops

You are right about, professional women in B2B sales and buying being even more successful than their male colleagues, solely based on their attitude.
Women are naturals in building relations, tht's why I like to have some more on my team and surely would love to find some as co-operation partners and scouts in the US and other countries.
But I also have to say, that not very much women are intersted in working for a technology company in sales, what is a pity. I recognized on a startup summit last week, that only women in service function where around, no team had woman on it, what a pity.
If you and your readers are eager to conquer Germany, Europe and CIS, feel free to contact us.
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Keep on writing, because we know, that we really need more women with a drive and feeling for business!


Women are so important in the environment of an office, I got a new job last month , there is not working any women the office is too bored many time


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