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March 12, 2010


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Well this is a surprising news for sure.Thanks so much for the statistics.I have also heard of people saying in the past that women don't frequent the halls like men do but all that will be put to rest now.With this stats coming out,i feel it's going to have an effect on Hollywood now.We can only wait and watch.Women rock!!

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i find that women definitely are more social and are far more likely to attend theatre, music and dance performances!

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Guess you're right, i'm not a male chauvinist, so, i completely agree with you!

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Anyone surprised?
While women go out, enjoying themselves,We, the men, are sitting in the living room, on the comfortable sofa, enjoying and relaxing with a beer in hand and of course watching great game of soccer, football or basketball.
Meanwhile, let the girls see their movies:)


I have also heard of people saying in the past that women don't frequent the halls like men do but all that will be put to rest now.With this stats coming out,i feel it's going to have an effect on Hollywood now.We can only wait and watch.Women rock!!

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This is such great news. Women and girls are also bigger consumers of books than men and boys are.

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That is no surprise that woman are the more frequent movie goers! They are more social and out going then man, also - I must say we are the reason guys go to the cinema- they take us out LOL

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I think it means that there are too many chick flicks in theaters!

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This is not surprising to me though. I just notice this with my girl friend. Most of the time, if there are new movies in cinemas with genres like romance, comedy, thriller or sci-fi, she then buy tickets for two. Not only that she also likes reading books.



I find all of these comments very itseretning. As a woman of the Christian faith who loves Jewish men (and have Jewish blood myself), I have been fascinated by this entire subject for many reasons. The main reason is because the most intensely loving and romantic relationship that I had ever had was destroyed in part because of his family's bigotry against me because of my religion. He was torn between our love, and the insistence from his mother and female relatives that insisted he find and marry a Jewish woman. We carried on for as long as we could, stealing days and nights of love and joy whenever we could. Despite the fact that he never married or had kids, and I did have the experience of marriage and children, and that he is approaching the age of fifty, his family is more concerned about the religious and cultural heritage of his girlfriend instead of his love for her.He has told me that he never dated a jewish woman, and that he isn't attracted to jewish women. I don't understand that at all, because I can't imagine anyone eliminating a significant segment of their sphere of influence from the dating pool based on race, culture, or religion. I just don't get it. I have noticed that a larger percentage of jewish men are bachelors/never married/no kids, than I have from the population at large. I think there are real reasons for this, and I am saddened by it for their sake. I would challenge my family if they ever pressured me to avoid dating jewish men, but they wouldn't dare. I wouldn't tolerate it. I am actually disinvited to their family events because of my religion! Ultimately, this wonderful man is the one who will suffer from a lonelier existence, never having the joy of a family and children of his own because he is trying to have it both ways appease his family and carry on with his own life. I think it is so sad, and I would encourage everyone to elevate love and happiness over all else, and doing so in a way that is compassionate and understanding.


Hi- Im a Christian, Latin girl. I dated a jewish man once and found him to be so isrntentieg. He introduced me to Jewish life and traditions. We ate Shabbat with the family and I loved every minute of it. To me, being Jewish is mostly about tradition than the actual religion. Its based on long, long, long years of traditions and rituals passed on since the 12 tribes of Israel.Sadly to me it was all about traditions than the actual belief in G-d. I remember attending Purim and when I asked my BF's mom what is was and why it was celebrated, she had no clue! she just knew that they went out to eat and got dressed up.They never attended temple, yet they were so fixed on following tradition that it got exaggerated. There was no depth to having an actual connection with God just the following of tons of rules that they didnt even know the signifance.Anyways, I came to realize while being in a relationship with my jewish BF, that mothers SPOIL the shit of their sons. They cook, clean, wash, make, for their sons that they in return cannot do anything for themselves! So if anything, jewish girls have a lot to live up to, to get a man within their faith. Not only do they have to become wives, but also mothers!!!!!So their demands, as a jewish woman, are justified.What do Jewish men expect??? If women are going to have to do everything for them, they should have at least a good career.And most men, dont! they are spoiled brats, crying for their mommies, looking down on women, to the point where basically they have to get breast fed and on top of that women have to look good for them!So in conclusion, I no longer date my jewish BF because I didnt want to be his MOTHER.


is happening there as the truth, but trtslnaaions by Arabic speakers reveal what is really being said in the speeches.In contrast to this I see no anti-terrorist, "Moderate Muslim" activities, demonstrations and almost no statements. These few statements apparently condemning terrorism or attacks by Muslims against civilians you can find, if analyzed carefully--in the tradition of what "is" is, will prove to be a non-condemnation. Typical are statements that Islam is against the killing of"innocent" people. However, terrorist ideology holds no Infidel to be truly innocent, so killing Infidels is not killing the "innocent." Similar Koran and Hadith-based rationals can be found justifying all terrorist activities from a conservative Muslim perspective.It would be nice to see a "Moderate" version of Islamic doctrine and interpretations, if such really exist, which could be put up against the ultra-conservative Wahabi interpretations that, backed by Saudi Arabian money and taught in, for instance, the 140 Saudi funded Islamic religious institutions in the U.S. and tens of thousands of madrasses around the word, seem to prevail today. However, to my knowledge, there is no such body of doctrines and interpretations and I am sure that those who occupy the key civil and religious posts in Muslim countries are usually very vigilant to stamp out any such development, usually by stamping out those who would avocate it.


snowonpine : I live near dearborn , Mi, and you are ttolaly underestimating the pro-Hezb,ollah population, when you quote the figure of 7000. There are about 150,000 Lebanese immigrants in and and around Dearborn, of which, probably 100,00 are Shia. The rest of the Lebanese are either Maronite Christians or Druze. And most of the others Arabs are Iraqi Chaldean Christians, and a lot of Palestinians, mostly Sunnis.yes, a lot of the Lebanese Shia, especially the recent immigrants are up to no good, but, I fear the worst, becasue, most reporters, or for that matter law-enforcement agencies are woefully short of officers and agents who speak the language, or understand the culture. And I wonder - whydoes the US Govt even allow immigrationfrom countries which are known to be nests of anti-Americanism, and from countries that are know to grow Islamic terrorists like oranges growing in the orchardsof Florida?


This is truly sad and tragic. I sucepst the center you describe is one I visited and played basketball myself in the past (Deane Hill Drive?). Growing up I knew several Jewish families. Many were on my swim team.They were all some of the best people I've ever known. I never had a bad experience with any of them. I was also taught at the Catholic grade school I attended a great deal of respect for the Jewish people. I am quite upset with the current Pope's position on the current conflict.The aims of the radical Islamists is nothing short of genocide. I don't now why some of the leftists can't recognize this. Or maybe, as you suggest, they are anti-Semitic. At best, they have grossly misplaced sympathies.


Hi: I am a catholic man with a jeiwsh wife. Though both religions tend to take a proprietary interest in the offspring of their flocks, my wife and I decided to let the children decide. Our oldest is more or less christian by choice. My middle child--11 years old--is jeiwsh. I walk him through the security check points you describe at his camps and temple and hebrew school. The mixture of anger and fear this creates in me is vexxing. I, too, hope the friday shooting was isolated; but, somehow, I doubt it.


Always good to promote camp. Let me add ahntoer thought: Grandparents should think seriously about giving their grandkids a summer at camp gift for Chanukah. We have been doing that for years for our grandkids. We always give them a certificate entitling them to register for camp at a sessio of their own choosing. We did this for years for Jeremy (Swig.Newman), are still doing it for Adam who in 2011 will be a CIT (Newman) and have been doing it for Sarah and leah (Gindling Hilltop) since they were old enough to go to camp. It's a bit expensive to send three or four kids to camp but worth every penny. It's the best give we could give and that they could receive. It would be nice if the URJ camps developed Gift Certificates for grandparents to give. I have suggested it but received no response.

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