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March 15, 2010


Kat Gordon

Very, very, very short-sighted creative choice. The stress of a couple going through infertility has been demonstrated to be equal to that of someone facing a cancer diagnosis. Can you imagine showing a breast cancer patient dressed up as a chick?


I love it, "Really? I mean.....Really??"

The first thought that crosses my mind is what a waste such high def video and an obvious investment in website design! It is quite unbelievable to bring awkward, slightly sarcastic humor into the picture...

Thanks for sharing.


While it's probably one step above hand puppets, the target market could be those just beginning the search for answers. Having been in a couple who experienced this issue, it's difficult to accept that this is happening to you - so I assume they are trying to defuse that emotion. But, I can also say you turn to the internet for answers and community. Real people who could share experience and emotion might provide relief that there is hope - and better answer the question how do I get started? It's also confusing about what this site is supposed to be for the user - entertainment or information? I would be interested to see how it produces for them. Thanks Holly for sharing.

Lydia Sugarman

"The birds and the bees" was never about going outside your species! The inference of cross-species sex just emphasizes the complete lack of understanding these people have about dealing with the issues of infertility.

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Very very good article !! I love it. I felt very good and stress free after reading this article. I will also forward this article to my friends also.

Mairi Campbell

This just shows you how much EMD Serono, the pharmaceutical company who created the video and the 'information' website that the video directs you to, understands and empathizes with their customers. There must be an award for most offensive ad. I suggest nominating Serono--and their ad company.


If they could actually help people it would be okay, but its still an insensitive way to approach the issue. I doubt that they can actually fix anyones infertility problems though :(

Another cheap advertising tactic paid for by a sleazy drug company promoted by 20 somethings who know nothing about infertility.


The idea is great but falls short of solving the problem which is more serious.Anyway natural health products can always help.


More and more adverts now try to be clever and entertaining and miss the point. Watch an ad break on television and see how many of he products you feel compelled to rush out and buy, that's if you can even figure what they're advertising.

Latin Women

Agreed. The crime is that anybody can put whatever they want in the Webosphere no matter how insensitive.


i agree aswell they should focus more on helping than making money.....

Pregnancy Miracle

They should focus more on helping the cause rather than this, they could offend someone ...


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