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February 07, 2010


Dave Young

Holly...I kept waiting for the punch line...but you're way too subtle for that. I always figure that if someones mentions "beaver" during a football game, there's a dirty joke buried somewhere. Maybe it's because I live out here in fly-over territory, or my sense of humor is unduly warped by old Burt Reynolds trucker movies.

tom jordan

Holly...you crack me up! I love the sarcasm. Over 40 million women stared at each and every one of these commercial. So, what a wasted opportunity to sell something to the audience that buys nearly everything! In addition to "Leave it to Beaver", the theme of many of these commercials could be "take back your manhood."

Overall, very disappointing.

(At least the game was good)

Holly Buchanan

Dave - I knew someone was going to go there. So glad it was you.

Tom - I saw from your newsletter we are in agreement. Yes, GREAT game. I even won money.

Glen Roberts

Holly..."I didn't see any ads that were targeting women." Did you miss the Doritos ad. The one where Doritos teaches a young child to slap adults, but it's only "funny" when a male is slapped, that ad would not fly if the child slapped a women, but it made millions of "mommies" laugh. Women think it's not only very funny but it's OK to watch domestic violence against men. When that child slaps a women as an adult he will go to jail, nice work Doritos. Last year Doritos ad was one man hurling a snow globe at the crotch of another, again women loved it, it was very funny to them. Doritos spends a lot of money to show it's pure disregard for men, now Doritos is teaching little boys domestic violence and women think it's very funny. "Mary J. Blige punched husband Kendu Isaacs in the face at her record release party at club M2 Tuesday night. The singer slugged Isaacs, drawing blood." I bet Mary watches Doritos commercials.

Gerry Myers

Great article. Super Bowl advertisers never cease to amaze me with their total disregard of women viewers, but this year they out did themselves.


Definitely a weak crop this year. Beavers are the rodent of the moment; next year, it'll be all about the capybara.


The men who make these ads are rehashing so many stale ideas. Don't they know beavers have already been DONE?:) Do I have to remind them of the horrible sleeping pill ads from Rozerem a few years ago taht featured a beaver and Abe Lincoln? Great insight, poor execution. And I guess they forgot that the most chronically sleep-deprived segment of our society is women. Men will always go for the sophomoric gag of a beaver before trying to really connect with their audience.

ds r4

Its very interesting to watch that super bowl ad video and Its really very good.I also like that first photograph very much.Its very interesting to read about Beavers.Thanks for such informative post.

Micah Castro

Sometimes you really just wish companies would stick to internet marketing and not waste so much money on a poorly designed super-bowl ad... Couldn't have been cheap.


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You are correct, Akeem Gonzales won't be Pac-12 ready for at least 1 year. What he does have is a great frame, quick feet, a good head on his shdroleus, and he's coachable! He also attended the same high school as RB Malcolm Marable. (Cliff has mentioned often) Mike Cavanaugh likes to take 2 years to teach technique, strengthen, and develop his offensive linemen. OSU has verbals from OL Justin Addie(6'3 285 lbs), and Darryl Jackson(6'7 305 lbs), and now Akeem Gonzales. That makes 3 OL in the 2011 class which is a great sign (no pun intended)! Signing athletic 4.4, 40 yard dash guys are exciting and receive a lot of glory. But, the difference between winning and losing most of the time is found on the front lines! Some of the many DE's that OSU signed will move to DT's in the future. So, it is very exciting to me that OSU is recruiting both lines heavily in this years class! Another solid DT would be icing on the cake for this 2011 class.


BEAVERTEETH Interesting OS is 3-3 vs USC the past 6 years, including btnieag them when they were #1 & #3 in the polls. USC had arguably the greatest defense in college history in 2008 and a roster loaded with NFL draft picks. USC had another great recruiting class last year, Top 10 in the country and OS destroyed the Trojans. Before you start hyping the Ducks as unbeatable , let's give Riley a chance to develop guys like Katz into viable prospects. Also, keep an eye out on RS fresh QB Sean Mannion. Riley stated that he is the most ready incoming frosh he has had to date. Impressive remarks.


Cliff, Thank you for the news! You are the only source that cormnifs Akeem Gonzales verbal commitment, thank you for your current up to date information! Oregonian, Scout, Rivals, ESPN, cnnsi, and others do not provide information on Akeem, except for the message boards on scout (which there are a lot of rumors). Also, I feel that many of us Beaver fans needed to hear something positive happening with OSU athletics, this is great news! I hope things start to look up for OSU athletics from here on out! Welcome to Beaver Nation Akeem!

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