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February 17, 2010


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Wow...that was an interesting topic.Thanks for giving the link.Did not think on those lines before reading this post.Loved the way you have discussed the nuances as to why women are slowly losing their trust on the social media.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.

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Very true. Thanks for sharing this information. It is quite exciting for the marketing industry with the boom of social media marketing.


Folks get saturated with social media messaging, and it loses its power to persuade. This is already happening.

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I'm Art Director and work in advertising agencies.
Really all the information that you share is most valuable
because each society has its own behaviors,
even with the globalisation.
For that reason this good one for knowing of the woman
in other points of the planet.

I'm Myrian Poggi from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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I agree with you! Really there is just so much information in the Social Media that sometimes we really have to be careful.


Hosting a large party can be quite different to hosting a smaller game.

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