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December 28, 2009


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Hey thanks for the post....it's very interesting indeed.Would love to grab a copy of this one soon.Thanks again.


I’ve heard great things about this book! I can’t wait to read it. The concept of “Whole Truths” and “Half Truths” is intriguing and certainly makes our job of marketing to women a bit more challenging. I’m especially interested in the section discussing how marketers can understand the whole truths: what women actually believe, do, and buy versus what they’ll admit to. Thanks for the great review!


I always say there's the truth, then there's the real truth. I'm sure I'll see many of my own behaviors in this book. Picking it up. Thanks Holly.


Thanks for the great review!

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Thank you for this great blog information!I'm finding this whole blogging world a great resource for any topic, and really inspirational.

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Well written.Always love your post.Liked the way you have presented the concept of Half truths and Full truths.Made me think on those lines too.Keep it up!Thanks

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This book about women seems really very interesting.You have given good enough information about it.After reading this post,I should read this book.I also like that emotional drivers.Thank you for this good post.

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This book is a must read!

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Yeah this is a must read book. I have read this already and i am thrilled by the women.. There are many things that they aren't telling us.

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Hey thanks for the post....it's very interesting indeed.Would love to grab a copy of this one soon.Thanks again.

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The books are the smartest way of fun, you can learn & enjoy at the same time!!!!!!!

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The fault is not entirely with women. Marketers are also part of the problem. Be honest and see the play of the errors you make.

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