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December 22, 2009


Pixie Stevenson

Yes, to Lars and the Real Girl! Thanks for reminding me. You're so right about communication styles. When my husband is telling me he loves me he makes the bed, cuts pixie-size firewood, stacks in neatly by the door, or sets up the coffee pot the night before so I don't have to. When I want to discuss something I go to girlfriends. It saves a lot of frustration.

Holly Buchanan


Sounds like you've figured it out! (does he really make the bed? That one is a keeper)



Thanks Holly! This is a great reminder of what women want - someone to listen and opportunity to talk. So important to understanding how the internet supports that in social media and how to work with and leverage that opportunity in marketing. Sharing with all my colleagues today.

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some simple but important tips, i can relate to this a lot, i like to think of myself as a "doer" and i have to often remind myself that not everyone is the same as me!

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Their communication is certainly different in a lot of regards...good to read your viewpoints.

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I am so happy to read a post that is dedicated to this oft discussed topic.Loved the videos too.

Chuck McKay

Of course we're speaking in generalities, but I learned years ago that when a man says "I have a problem" he means "I'm looking for an answer."

When a woman says "I have a problem," she means "Pay attention to me."

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I communicate with the opposite sex through conversation.

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Its really very interesting to rad about communications of mean and women.You have well and true written about mean and women.I completely agree with your points.You have said exact about expressions of men and women.Thank you very much for this post.

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A simple talk would be nice.

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This can be made into a book. Following - men from mars, women froom venus.


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Very interesting but videos are no longer working :( would have connected the story up a little better!

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