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November 21, 2009


Pixie Stevenson

Touching story about your father, Holly. It's similar to how I ended up as an alternative healthcare practitioner & life coach. After supporting a lover who died of cancer, my priorities changed. My definition of success changed. A recent coaching client has Parkinson's disease. She just sent me the most touching testimonial, http://www.enigmawellness.com/what_clients_say

Many times I don't know if I'm on the right path. Then something happens that let's me know that yes, maybe I helped someone.

Gerry Myers

I read Womenomics. It is a great book full of encouragement for women and how they can make a new life in the changing workplace. I, like you, choose to build my own company on my own terms. But for women in corporations, it provides insights they may not have considered. Great presentation of the concept of the book and how one thing in our life can change us forever.

Tom Wanek

Yep, and I bet a lot of men can identify with this situation. I had a similar experience with the death of my father-in-law last year. And as a father of two little girls, I still feel the need to get a better grip on my schedule.

Thanks for sharing Holly.

Leanne Shear

Holly! I found your excellent and engaging blog through my google alerts. So exciting! This book has been on my list for a while now and I look forward to reading it. All the best to you and I hope to see you soon!

Web Graphic Design

This was a great post to read...thanks very much.

r4i software

Womenomics is based on the premise that women are demanding new rules of engagement with the corporate world. Women achievers are not willing to sacrifice family and freedom. But many don't know how to go about negotiating for what they want, say the authors. They have to overcome their own guilt and fear, so they can ask for what they want.

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