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November 17, 2009


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Reading is a good habit and there's nothing wrong in being a book-a-holic.Thanks for posting all these details.

Susan Payton

I know what you mean. I constantly ask for books to review on my blog and they're piling up! I want to read them all at once but unfortunately, I'm not that good a multitasker. I'll add this one to the list.

dsi r4

As an electronics retailer in major market area, the book provides me an interesting and provocative road map to develop strategies for winning key decision making customers. We have been focusing on female clients for years. This book gives us a more in depth views into women and will help us to do it better in the future.

Boracay Hotel Rooms

Its a very interesting read for me. Now I have a reference and idea as to what women really want in a man and in life.

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I let my wife read the book and we both we're interested in the entire content of it.

boracay hotels

i like to read but only few pages not a whole book, maybe because im not a woman.


Whether you are a newcomer to the Internet or you have your own buseniss already, this book by Bruce C. Brown is a fantastic read. When I started to read it, I almost could not put it down again. While this may sound strange to people believing that only novels can provide that reaction, this particular Computer and Business geek get that same feeling from a book providing a clear learning and buseniss value. How to Use the Internet is a book that if you read it closely and follow its advise, it will likely pay itself back many-fold. My library is scattered in multiple rooms, but this is one book that currently have a position of honor in the hands-on collection right next to my desk. Both an interesting read and a good reference book for later use. The topics covered are good for both pure e-commerce buseniss owners (or wannabees), and for people that more specifically target making money from an information base on the internet. E-commerce, Internet advertising, traffic generation in general is covered, as well as more Geek minded topics. Topics such as Search engine optimization, the importance of Meta Tags and Keyword settings, banner advertising, and even potentially using such offerings as Google Adwords(tm) and Google Adsense(tm). I personally believe, that this is one possible good avenue for expansion in a future edition of the book. It would be good for people starting out to know more about the gotchas in using for example Adwords. How the Pay-per-click buseniss works, and the dangers of overspending with sometimes very little ROI. All depending on the buseniss you are in of course. But competing with the big guys can end up being very expensive. This is one book that already has a worn look and a lot of donkeys ears to remind me of important areas. I give this book a vote of 5 out of 5 geeks. Good work Bruce.

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