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October 28, 2009


Holly Buchanan

It appears that the folks at Girlofwords.com have a problem with the Chase commercial as well

Pixie Stevenson

This post got me thinking, not about advertising although I love the Visa commercial and the Liberty Mutual ad, but about how I would finish that phrase. Check out my wall on FB and feel free to jump into the comments if you like.

Thanks for the stimulating thought.

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Susan Payton

Great post. As a marketer and a woman/mother/wife, let me answer that question: I'm the type of person who...

isn't a cookie-baking, PTA-participating mom. I love being a mom, but my business is important to me too.

I don't want to be marketed to as if I'm always crafty and perfect. Nor am I the frazzled mother some ads target. I am a professional. A woman. A wife. And a mother.

Is that so hard to target??

Rodney Brooks

Here is another article that talks to Women and Online shopping.

Women Are Online, Shopping For Cosmetics

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Really loved reading this post on I am the person who...
Like you,i too feel that the ads fail to cater appropriately to the target audience.Btw,this video was very nice.

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Hypnotic Dreams

I thought the Liberty Mutual commercial was outright hypocrisy. The company engages in the unethical practice of sending junkmail to people who would never express any interest in life insurance, and then have the gall to claim they're doing the "right thing".

Holly Buchanan

Hypnotic Dreams - I think this particular commercial was brilliant at the concept of "I'm the kind of person who....", however, I agree with you that Liberty Mutual has done nothing that I can see to tie in how THEY are responsible. I've written before that I actually do NOT like their current campaign as it judges people for whether or not they "do the right thing" but says nothing about what Liberty Mutual is doing to "do the right thing." Total disconnect.

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Interesting article to read about the relationship of moms and marketing.I think the companies must do some research over marketing to fulfil the needs of these moms.


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