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June 16, 2009


Stefanie Hartman

Not too surprising. Our lives are so busy these days with so many things vying for our attention.

Kelley Skoloda

Holly -- so glad you found the book useful. Thanks for sharing your favorite highlights! Best, Kelley


This argument is actlulay moot from a productivity standpoint. Why? Web based applications and virtualization have made the brand of OS irrelevant.The OS remains relevant when overall computing security is in question. When you boil the argument down to that element, Microsoft products consistently lose.


Jason Kelley is my nephew.He and his brthoer Denim are my nephews.Their mother Sharon Betts is my sister.I love you Jason and Denim very much.Congradulations on your success.Just remember your aunt for some free stuff .LOL Just kidding.


something like None of you is really ready for that, or some such. (I just did the same thing in the post above, so alanreptpy it is a sentence construction I use a lot.) The kid insisted it should be none are; I was pretty sure it was none is, but then the more I tried to reason it out in my head, the more neither sounded right.I guess I really need to grab my Garner's bible from school and refresh my English teacher grammar and usage!Thoughts?

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