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May 17, 2009


Mary E. Archer

Great webinar -- informational and funny! Thanks for sharing!

Susan Zuckman

Great information, but please watch your use of the word "um". It takes away some of the impact. Thanks.

Barbara Bennett

Holly, I thank you for bring into clear, crisp focus the "truths" that were previously only fuzzy awarenesses. Being a woman marketing to women doesn't help you if you don't have a good grip on the needs and expectations of women as customers.

W. Ray Tarver

Liked what you had to say on webinair
Thanks looking forward to reading your material. I did try to order a your book at my local bookstore but the said that it is not available at this time. Said that maybe you are in the procss of doing paperback because sometimes switching has a lag time.
Great webinar.
W. Ray Tarver


Hadi estuve veindo tu webcast y me parecio fantastico super claro. Pero como lo vi desde mi puesto de trabajo me he salteado algunas partes y me perdi el final, es posible ver o descargar el video nuevamente? Si es asi desde donde se puedo hacerlo?Saludos (desde argentina!)


is not too late to watch yesterday's Online Media Strategy Webinar ftnrueiag Lisa: Filed Under: Andrew, B2B, Blog, Business Advice, Content Development, Denise, Industry Events,

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