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April 02, 2009


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ISTJ- and I love twitter and facebook. I can keep up with my friends and do it when it's good for me. I have not talked with you for years, but feel I have not lost complete connection.

Patricia Weber

INTJ and have found Twitter to be a life save for networking in a productive and energizing way. I actually blogged about 5 Social Networking Ways that Benefit Introverts.

Very good summary here. Thanks.

Patricia Weber,
Blogging Business Sales Ideas for Introverts, Shy and Reluctant,

Ron Patiro - INFP

INFP here, and I don't personally use Twitter much at all. I feel facebook keeps me busy enough, and also the quality of content on twitter seems to suffer for the quantity it can throw at you.

Heather Carson

Makes sense-- No wonder I like it so much! Good post!

AJae [Alison Jerabek]

I am an ESFP who lives to Twitter. :)




Very interesting. It makes a lot of sense too. (INFJ)

Kim Davis

This article is very insightful. I am an INTJ and Twitter is the only social networking I have really embraced (at least so far). What I like about it is the big picture. It takes a lot of thought to summarize into 140 characters. Can't really waffle - some do of course so I stop following them.

Laura Miller

INTJ here and a big Twitter fan.


I am INFP - love to tweet. No wonder. But sometimes it feels empty to tweet alone.

website design

Well this is a very interesting post.More so because i use Twitter a lot for my marketing purposes.Thanks for the comparisons and the analysis you have given over here.


INTJ perspective - the opportunities for my specific cup of lulz, as well as my delight in tweeting conversations between myself makes Twitter an ideal medium for fun.


INTJ, I do not like Twitter at all.
If I share my ideas I only share them with close friends.
Also the stupidity of the average Twitter-user is astonishing.

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Volker from Germany

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


INTJ-- I revel in Twitter in being able to capture the zeitgeist across an array of industries and disciplines I follow. I can find leaders in many areas right way, which makes for great crowdsourcing and efficient research activity. Plus, I get to develop and advance ideas with fellow experts online when I want. Love it!!!!


ENFP ~ Actually, i enjoy using facebook more than twitter. I feel 160 characters have never been enough for me to express all my thoughts and emotions :) But since most of my friends migrated to twitter, i reconsider using twitter cause i want to always stay in touch with them..

Tim Wilson

I'm torn between the two. I think if I was asked to answer quickly that I would choose Twitter over Facebook. Either way, I was suprised to see that so many introverts gravitate to Twitter.

Chanel Wallet

Just wanted to send a big shout out and THANK YOU to everyone responding here and through email.

Your responses are FABULOUS. I expected nothing less.

Keep them coming.


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