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March 30, 2009



I can’t agree more. Here’a an entertaining YouTube that speaks to The Power of Online Video.


Rose Ector

Yes, going for online videos to reach people can certainly go a long way, when it comes to promotions. Through video posted online, people can be somehow influenced to support a certain cause, product, or service.


I know these woman well but emphathize with anynoe who has 6 children. As a working mother of two I'm sure the fairytale image of being a mother wore off on pampered mom around kid 4. Having watched these women in action I'm also positive she has no idea how her having help translates into white class priviledge. Damn it she's entitled! Of course, a lot of this article is tongue-in-cheek and some of it is plain true. My children are a part of this world and the private school world she speaks of drives us middle class parents crazy with their expectations of what our children should have with regards to outside academic and parent support. When the end of the school year arrives you can't wait to escape because you're exhaused with trying to keep up with the school's expections not to mention as they matriculate through the system you actually gauge a good year on what is the least amount of days you had to step through the school's door. This is a resounding comment made not only by the rich white parents but the not so rich parents of color. I don't have the money or support system this woman has but I find myself piecing together tutors, homework helpers and babysitters for my kids and for me. We come from totally different worlds I get what she is saying and I feel her pain even if it is written tongue-and-cheek and from a woman of privilege. The difference is I can't wait to see my children after work and I fantasize about being there for them night and day.

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