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February 08, 2009


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I think it´s fantastic to find out how social media is teaching marketers to change their strategies.

World is changing!


Chris Brown, Branding & Marketing blog

I think one of the reasons the 25 things really resonates with women is that we like to jump right into it.
When I meet my girlfriends for coffee, there is little of the small talk and a lot of the "real" talk. You know, the juicy stuff that bothers you, that makes you thrilled, that inspires.

I think when marketing to women, the branding has to hit a chord... otherwise it is just noise.

Thanks for making me think about the differences between marketing by gender.


Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

You are a twin too! And #18 - me too!!!

This is a fantastic post - brilliant.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

PS - makes me feel silly for resisting so long to jump in and do the 25 things too. Now I simply MUST do it. :)

Jeff Baas

I had never thought of "25 Things" in terms of applying it to marketing before. Great thought! It's a great way for businesses to provide customers with a chance to express their emotions, as with the example of the florist that you gave.

And I think that companies can learn a lot from "25 Things" about the value of transparency. No, I don't think every company should post their own "25 Things You Don't Know About Our Company" on their home page, but I think a lot of applications can be drawn from "25 Things" when it comes to a company's willingness to be transparent.

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