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October 31, 2006


Jeffrey Eisenberg

The tendency for marketing to overestimate its importance to customers is universal. It's human nature to believe that what you spend so much time with and what pays your bills is important. In reality most businesses intersect with only a small slice of a customer's life. While that slice may be important it is rarely that important that the customer cares about us as much as we care about ourselves. This is what makes truly empathetic marketing communications so difficult. As marketers we take for granted that people know things about us, our products and services that perhaps they should but don't. It's hard to imagine what angle of approach a person will take when interacting with us. We spend too much time inside the bottle, and when you are inside the bottle it's virtually impossible to read the label.


well perhaps we should all spend less time in the bottle than.. for example,

www.travellerbonk.com shows how this can be done effectively.



Nice and useful blog.

Certainly think that a blog is bendy / malleable enough to allow most companies to have some sort of dialogue with their customers (at least to have more of a dialogue than without (a blog)).


Has anyone out there heard about WideCircles.com. It seems like a way better service then wasting money on PPC. Apparently they are using refering websites ( forums, blogs, wiki, etc. ) and have a viral word of mouth distributed approach to it. My friend told me he got around 100 visits from single post which cost him $0.40c. I am going to give them a try today . In case you are intrested here is it. http://widecircles.com?s=imt1


its a very good idea using blogs for marketing.

imagine how many bloggers around the word? and that would be the coverage of the marketing of the company. blogs makes the marketing strategies
of some companies more effective.


Put The Message Where It Matters! WideCircles aka Wide Circles represents relevant, distributed, highly targeted and efficient internet word of mouth marketing using entertaining or informative messages that are designed to be passed along in an exponential fashion using social network mediums such as blogs, forums, wikis and so on. http://widecircles.com


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Authority Networker

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Hi Chris. Im a regular raeedr though not a regular commentator of your blog. I feel really happy to join the forum. In fact I have already joined and my account is awaiting moderation. Great job you are doing there in the forum. Thanks.


Excellent initiative. I can inmaige folks getting to know each other and the community after the site starts to build momentum.One more item that I think might be well received would be an event listing, so people can keep each other informed about various meetings, celebrations and the like.I'll be going over my notes from last weekend's meeting, and expect I'll add a couple of more comments soon. There certainly was a lot of good ideas being raised, and the enthusiasm was energizing.Cedar and the surrounding area has a lot going for it, and from what I'm hearing this is Cedar's time to shine!


Please bare in mind that Cedar Rd. is HWY 1A and it like all the other roads in the area are owned by the ministry. We went torguhh many a discussion on the OCP regarding people and goods moving torguhh the area and the committee made a great number of recommendations. Hopefully, we might be able to get some of it looked at?Cheers,

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