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June 20, 2005


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I just got a really bad haircut. It's all different lengths & completely makes no sense at all. I ended up going to get it fixed (as fixed as it could get) the next day. I found this person from a girl whose hair I liked & she sent me to this person. She works out of her moms house in the laundry room. I felt uneasy plus there wasn't a mirror for me to look at & watch. What started off being a trim ended up being a chopped up mess. I want my money back, would that be improper. I know money won't bring my hair back but I hate knowing I paid for this damage. Please advise, thank you.

Erica Schachne

Oh, I SO AGREE! I just got my hair highlighted today and am very unhappy with it. The stylist did an awful job. But I wil not take it lying down - I'm going back to get it fixed and am asking to be reimbursed some of the price for the extra time I have to put in.

rori raye

I think this applies to your character, so it's not really a gender issue :)


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